Moving Rocks

As the days become cooler I find myself drawn into our little patch of woods. Rocks are in abundance. Near the north ridge of the property there is an outcrop of veritable boulders, some with crevices that home Cedar trees.

There is no doubt that these large rocks also provide cover for snake populations so I avoid going near them on summer days. Whenever winter becomes settled in it will be safe to romp among them and fully appreciate their size and splendor, some of their cavities filled with dark topsoil. Smaller rocks compose a mortarless wall which is the lot’s western edge and also make up a restraint to a small plateau which probably once hosted livestock.

My favorite rock wall is the one that runs by the streambed which feeds into the pond at the base of the hill. Many of the rocks have been disturbed by tree trunks and tree roots, but the sheer size of them has kept them close to their original placement. Observing the varied textures and colors of the rocks give much credence to the big bang theory.

The walls speak to me of the energy and strength it took to clear the land without the use of machine power. The placement of the rocks speak to me of its creator’s vision to fit the pieces of the puzzle together into functioning borders. Many of the small rocks which fill the stream bed are worn smooth by thousands of years of rain which cut channels down the hill.

Now I appreciate the history of the rocks as I often gather some to create small enclosures. The rocks long preceded my presence. They will long outlast my existence. While they are keeping me entertained, though, I may move them around.


This grandmother signed up for a free blog account when she thought it would help her to write about her grief after her fifteen-year-old grandson’s suicide.  Soon she realized that any thoughts she had were just too painful to express, much less to share with strangers.

There are good days when she could just write for the sake of writing, but she has yet to familiarize herself with the blog site so it may be a while yet before she is sufficiently comfortable to share much.

Her title shelf must have surely become dusty just waiting for some of her words to appear.  Whenever she rids her mind of cobwebs perhaps she will again visit this site and fill it with thoughts worth sharing.